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The Devil's Nest
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This is an RPG in which fictional characters discuss, write, argue, etc. for other fictional characters in their own universe. We just so happened to be inspired by the RPG community militarydogs, so credit for the idea goes to them. They just concentrate on writing about each other, but here we are a little more, ah, relaxed.


Current players:
ultimatesmex (Greed) played by wildwingboys
ninja_puppy (Dorchette) played by recycled_stars
snakeonaplane (Martel) played by crimewave
geckonotgeico (Bido) played by star_maelstrom
thriftstoresuit (Kimbley) played by sohma_shigure
play_fuhrer (Frank Archer) played by tomoe_daeva
regretofwar (Roy Mustang) played by nilepriestess
amor_paterna (Shou Tucker) played by sohma_shigure

Only puppets may post entries, but anyone is free to comment!

1. Play nice. It doesn't matter if two characters are feuding, no whatsoever flaming, wanking, trolling, or immature behavior of that sort.
2. If you post explicit material of any kind, PLEASE PUT IT BEHIND AN LJ CUT AND PROVIDE WARNING. I'm going to trust everyone joining to be considerate that minors (those under 18) may be about.
3. In the event you neglect updating your account here after a period of two months, you will be asked whether or not you want to continue playing your character(s). You may say yes and post within a week of the notification, or you may decline and we will find someone new.
4. Keep an open mind, please. We welcome het, yuri, and yaoi, so there will be a possibility that it may pop up. If you don't like it, don't look at it.
5. In order to join, please see the puppeteernest comm.

Devil's Nest is outcast love.